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If you love inflatable gorillas and Mylar banners, you will be disappointed. If you love getting a great deal on a used car from a selection of hand-picked, clean, well-maintained inventory, however, Beaverton Auto Wholesale should be on your short list. Buying a car here was a breeze; no gimmicks, no fake warranty up-sell, no scam after-market products, or rebuilt/salvage titles, just friendly, courteous service, and quality autos. Take advantage of this father/son team's extensive knowledge of the Portland auto market. I love my "new" car, and plan to drive it for many years. When it does come time to replace it, though, BAW will be my first stop.

I purchased a Subaru Outback by signing a sales slip and was due to take ownership of the car a few days later but after the fact I learned from my mechanic that my old car that was previously thought to be a total loss due to excessive engine work needs was in fact repairable. Unfortunately my lender already issued the funds for the car. This put me in a bind because now I was on the hook for the full amount of the loan and did not have the new car. Ugh!! I contacted Beaverton Auto Wholesale and explained the situation. They worked with me and my lender to rectify the situation. I must give them five stars because they did not have to refund the money. They could have dragged it out and ended up in court to God knows what end. Thank you for having excellent business ethics. When I decide to buy another car I will definitely visit Beaverton Auto Wholesale again. Thank you!!

Customer Service!!

Joe and Jordan were wonderful to work with. I can tell they work very hard to run an honest business. They spent a lot of time negotiating with my wife and I and were willing to offer a us a price that could not be beat.

After viewing the vehicle we intended to purchase and joe and Jordan had left their shop, I realized I left my phone locked up in their garage. We called joe and he skipped dinner to drive 20 minutes back to the shop so he could let me In to get my phone. That is good old fashion service.

The vehicles were in great shape and there was a wide selection to choose from.

You don't have to worry about being swindled at Beaverton auto, in fact you might find some of the best prices a dealer has to offer.

I will definitely be coming to them in the future for any vehicle purchases we may need to make.



I feel like I could write a million reasons why you should buy a used mini van from these guys but I'll try to keep it concise.

Initially, I was a little off-put by the location of their car lot and at the youngness of their staff but they are so genuine and kind. My husband and I brought our two little boys and they fell in love with Joey and thought that he was the coolest. They ended up baking him cookies because he was that cool.

In regards to the van, it is still in excellent condition a year and a half later. I recently had to take it in for a tune-up because of the mileage we've put on it and my mechanic asked me some questions I didn't know the answers to. So, I emailed Joey and he got back to me in a few hours...a year and a half after our purchase!

Not only do these guys sell great cars that they have thoroughly investigated, they have stellar customer service. If we go to buy a used vehicle in the future, we will be buying through Beaverton Auto Wholesale.

New Sienna

In November 2015, we purchased a 2008 Toyota Sienna from these guys. A year and a half later and the car is still running great! We were really happy with the service they provided and we feel we got a good deal. They also helped us get a discount on an additional key with the remote. Overall, we're extremely happy with the experience!

Best Japanese selection!

 All-in-all - this was the best car buying experience I've ever had. The owners are friendly the cars are great and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I bought a sienna minivan from them, I love this car and couldn't be happier.